I’m very sad and frustrated

What about releasing AIRDrums as a separate plugin? I hate using Arsenal only for triggering samples from AIRDrums :(

Nowadays you have to run Arsenal if you want to use AIRDrums and the included content. My PC doesn't have a lot of computing power and the presets detection in Arsenal doesn't work very well, but I love AIRDrums and the included samples and loops. I wanted to run AIRDrums as a separate plugin, without running it from Arsenal. I went to C:/ProgramData, found AIRDrums_x64.dll, copied it to my plugins folder, but when I want to run it in Reaper, I just can't because Reaper doesn't detect it as a plugin. I'm sure it's because M-Audio don't want you to do that because of some reason.

I would like that we could run AIRDrums as a separate plugin.
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