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What happen if I connect a headphone through a single TRS rear output (Main Out) of M-Track

I am curious enough to know what exactly happen if I just plug in my Headphone stereo TRS jack into one of the M-Track Rear output (i.e. Main monitor Out) ??

Will the audio coming from the output jack can be hear as a mono audio through both of the headphone drivers or just one driver will make sound and the other one will stay silent ?? Any Idea, help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance......
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  • Corey S (Official Rep) June 14, 2016 17:27

    Thanks for posting.

    You will very likely get one side (right or left) playing on both sides of the headphones. With that being said, don't do this. It's not the right impedance and it won't be amplified correctly. Not to mention it would be very difficult to use as a suitable headphone mix for a performer.

    If you're looking for options for more headphone outputs, there are plenty of inexpensive options. I have one from Behringer that only cost $20 and works great when I need it.

    Let me know if you have more questions.
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