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What hardware settings to use when using Pro-tools 11 with M-track Plus?

Ok, I just bought Pro-tools 11 because the Express version couldn't handle the television project I'm working on. What I need to know is this: When I open Protools 11 and go to "Settings" at the top I click on "Hardware Setup" then "Launch Set-up App." To the left it gives me my peripherals (Built-in Input, Built-in Output, M-track Plus, Avid Core-audio Device, Pro-tools Aggregate 1/0), but when I click on M-track Plus there's no volume on either input or output like there is in the two "built-in" sections and the Pro-tools Aggregate section. My question is this: When I click on Pro-tools Aggregate a box appears asking me to either check or leave unchecked the M-track Plus. Both the built in input and output are being used as subdevices under the Pro-tools Aggregate heading and it wants to know if I would like to use the M-track Plus in this capacity as well. Do I check it or not? If I do, what further settings, if any, do I then choose?
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  • Hello Desiree,

    Thanks for posting!

    The "Aggregate" device is only used to enable you to use a Mac's Built-In Input and Built-In Output at the same time. It's not necessary for setting up the M-Track.

    First you'll want to go to Setup>Playback Engine and make sure this is set to the M-Track Plus. Pro Tools might ask to do a quick reboot after this.

    Then, go to the Setup>I/O menu. On both the Input and Output tabs, click the "Default" button. This will make sure Pro Tools is setup to recognize the inputs and outputs of the M-Track Plus.

    For the most part, those are the two menus you need to check when configuring any audio interface with Pro Tools. Let me know if this helps!
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