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What's the diference between the "old" M-track and the new one?

I tested the "old" M-track some time ago ( and i liked. But now that i want to buy one for me i found out that there's a new one( that looks, in my opnion, much more..."Professional".
What's the difference between those two, if there's any?
Thank and sorry for my english.
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting.

    The two biggest changes would be the sound quality and the included software.

    They newer M-Track and M-Track Plus MKII use the M-Audio "Octane" preamp technology as well as a new set of higher than CD quality digital converters.

    The newer series also have free Waves plugins bundled, along with Ableton Live Lite and Cubase LE 7 on the M-Track Plus an Eight!
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