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Where I can find HyperControl Software? (AxiomPro61) OSX


There are many other topics for this problem, but most are about 3 years old and only link to a 404 error on Dropbox. I want to see if the AxiomAir.bundle file mentioned elsewhere will help solve my problem, but I can't find a working download link. Is there any way I can get an updated link?

Thank you for your time.
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  • Hey Toby,

    Thanks for posting!

    There are a few products mentioned in your post so I'm not sure if you're looking for the Axiom Pro or Axiom AIR bundle but anyway, here's both!

    Axiom Pro bundle

    Axiom AIR bundle

    I hope that helps you!
    • My mistake, I copied the Topic title from another thread and didn't see it said PRO.

      Thank you very much for the quick reply, and helping me solve my problem! With that file I was able to get Hyper Control to mesh with Logic X by following the steps mentioned in the previous topic:

      - Make sure Logic is closed and find the software icon in your Applications folder
      - Right-click on the icon and select "Show Package Contents"
      - Find the "MIDI Device Plugins" folder
      - Put the .bundle file in this folder

      Open Logic and go to your control surface preferences.

      - Select New > Install
      - Find the Axiom Pro in the list and click Add
      - Set the input and output ports to the Axiom Pro Hypercontrol ports.
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