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Where is our driver support?

1) Contact technical support codes

What the hell is this? M Audio should have open technical support just like any other reputable company. This should much easier. I put in a random number and hope for a reply, how would this make a customer feel?

This is what M Audio wants?

2) Mac OSX 10.10

I work heavily on the weekend and have clients come in. The Yosemite beta has been out for months, other companies have promptly updated their software. What's up? Is the software team one person? not paid enough? please let us know, preferably by releasing drivers asap please. I need my equipment to work.

**We should not have to be creating kext work arounds for your products**

3) Drivers & Software Updates Search

The new search interface makes it hard to find what your looking for.

After finding your product and operating system in the menu, nothing happens. So you hit "Show Results" and "There are currently no drivers available for this product and operating system." comes up for most every current operating system.

**Why list operating system versions you have no drivers for?**

Just list the damn drivers for the product like you did before changing the interface. Better yet, don't list any OS versions because M Audio does not update that often anyway.


Please, make it easier for your valued customers. Thanks.
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