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I’m frustrated

WIndows 8.1 Device does not show up in device manager.

Attempting to make your M-Track device connect to a client's Windows 8.1 computer. Yes, I've installed your Win 7 64bit driver. NO, NOTHING happens in device manager when the USB cable is plugged in!


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  • Hello Tom,

    Thanks for posting!

    The M-Track series are class-compliant ("plug and play") devices. They can run using the built-in Windows USB audio drivers.
    The drivers available online are to use the "ASIO" driver format for more efficient operation with various audio apps, but they're not required to initially get the device recognized.

    Are you able to test this M-Track on another computer? If it is not recognized elsewhere then it would likely be a hardware issue within the M-Track itself. In that case, I'd recommend you contact the technical support team (info listed at the bottom here).

    Here are some thoughts on other possibilities:

    -Try different USB ports (USB 2.0, not 3.0).
    -Disconnect any USB hubs or adapters (direct USB connection only)
    -Try removing other USB devices in case a conflict is occurring
    -Try a different USB cable, short as possible (less than 6ft)

    Hope this helps narrow down the issue. Let me know!
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