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Wondering how to loop with ableton live 10, using m-audio code 49 ?

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  • Hey zb,

    Thanks for posting!

    The Code 49 is a MIDI controller so you may be able to assign one of its controllers (like a button) to toggle specific loop functions in the software via MIDI CC but it will primarily be used to input MIDI data into the software or send it to an external MIDI device. In other words, the Code doesn't directly loop audio in Live but it can help you toggle the function.

    Depending on what your goal is in terms of looping, you could simply program some clips into Live's Session view (vertical view) and they will loop when you play them. You can use Live's MIDI mapping to assign controllers on the Code to those clip slots which will cause them to play - the pads might be a good option for this.

    This Ableton article will provide some additional information about looping in a different way:

    Ableton - How To: Looping in Session View

    I hope that's helpful!
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