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Working on and off with GarageBand

I just bought the M-Track 2X2 Vocal Studio Pro and wanted to try it with GarageBand on my iMac, and when it works, it is great, but the next time I try it, it doesn't work and it is driving me nuts. Why doesn't the sound option stick? I go into the sound prefs for Garageband and choose M-Track2x2 and plug in stuff and it sounds good through the earphones and all. Then pops up a message saying that the chosen driver doesn't work or isn't there or something like that and The Elements Organier is chosen instead. I remember I got some option mentioning that one during the rather chaotic installation processes of the software I could get along with it, which I think I'd better throw out because they're not very intuitive to use for a non-engineer. But I have no idea what that is and I deleted it and now I have nothing. No M-Track2X2 appears nowhere. So what now? And why doesn't the sound options stick? I started GarageBand and plugged in the device and clicked OK to choose M-Track2X2 for sound, but the next thing is that message.
Not exactly plug'n'play, this.
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  • Hello, Wilfred 

    Thanks for posting! 

    Do you see the M-Track 2x2 show up in your Audio/MIDI set up on your Mac? If you don't you may want to check out this troubleshooting article:

    This interface is class-compliant with Mac operating systems, meaning there is no need to install additional drivers. Depending on your DAW (Garage band in your situation) you will need to tell the program which sound card to use every time you open the program. If the unit still fails to connect to your computer after running through the troubleshooting guide, you may want to try it with a different computer to see if you experience the same behavior. If you choose to try it with a Windows operating system, you will need to install an ASIO driver. You can find that here

    If the interface fails to connect to multiple computers and you are within our one year warranty, please submit a warranty claim to our support team:

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions. 
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