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XPand 2 works on Logic X but not Logic 9. Need for it to work on Logic 9

I recently got an M-Audio keyboard and Xpand 2 came with it. Unfortunately, I can get it to work on Logic X on macbook, but not on Logic Pro 9. I really need to be able to open it in Logic Pro 9. I guess it has to do with the 32 / 64 bit but is there a way to be able to open it in Logic Pro 9 in 32 bit?
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  • Hey LC,

    Thanks for posting!

    There is a 32-bit version of Xpand!2 that you can install for use with 32-bit applications when you install the 64-bit version. Have you installed that version? You should find that along with the 64-bit version (typically seen like this: PluginName_64.component) in your Components folder. If you do not have that version of the plugin, you can run the installer again to install that version of the plugin.

    If you have any questions regarding the installation or Xpand!2 itself, please direct your future inquiries to the AIR Music Tech Support Community:

    AIR Music Tech Support Community

    I hope that helps you!
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