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YOSEMITE and FireWire 1814 / ProjectMix I/O workaround

Hi all,
I am very satisfied with FW 1814 and ProjectMix IO. And very disappointed with Yosemite support. But I have found solution.
I have my drivers version 1.10.5 working with Yosemite. Problem is (and probably everybody has the same problem), that we cannot change anything in M-Audio FireWire control panel (basically switching to output and hardware tab doesn't work). But if you have access to older OS X (I have USB with 10.9.) you can boot to that system, make any changes in FireWire control panel, save settings (right part of panel) with different names - like SPDIF coaxial, ADAT, internal sync and so on.
Than you can use these files with settings and load them to FireWire control panel in OS X Yosemite. This works for me.

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