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I’m confused

Code 61 ZONE key triggers changes in ableton VSTs presets

Hi all,

I use my Code 61 with Ableton live 10 and run several VSTs simulatnously.
Lately I tried to split my keyboard between different VSTs and noticed a certain probelm: After loading my live set, the first time I click on the ZONE key some changes occcure on the VSTs that are connected to the Code (e.g. switching presets inside the VST). This doesn't repeat after I click it again ON or OFF, but only once after the loading.

Can anyone help me getting an idea how to stop this from happening?

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  • Hey E,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry to hear that you're having trouble! I recommend opening the Code's Editor and retrieving the current preset. Click on the Zones to observe their MIDI assignments. If there is an unwanted Program Change assignment, go ahead and set the value to 0.

    If this doesn't correct the problem, it's possible that you have additional MIDI mapping in Ableton that's causing the presets to change. You can look at your sessions current MIDI mapping by pressing command and "M". The index on the left will show you all current assignments.

    Try this nad let me know how it goes!
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