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How to reload MagicZoom when we change the src proper tie of a picture?

I want to buy MagicTool to use in my page, then
Im trying the tool, (look,
But I have a question or problem:
How can I refresh the MagicZoom when I change by javaScript the propertie
"src" of a image, example:
document.getElementById('mediana').src = "Cata/mod"/grande.jpg";

In my webpage you can see in the left side of a picture some text titles
like: saco, blusa01,blusa02, chaleco, pantalon and others) and when you
click on it, you can see that the picture or photo change, but the magicZoom
still shows the same picture.
I try to update the MagicZoom with: MagicZoomPlus.update or MagicZoomPlus.refresh
but I cant change the picture.
Can you help me with this???? there is some way to refresh the plugin in this case?
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