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Bookmarks in dropdown menu of firefox

How do i get magnolia bookmarks to work in firefox browser's bookmarks drop down menu?
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  • I'm using Firefox 3 on a Mac, so you may need to adapt these instructions if you're using Windows or an earlier version of Firefox.
    1. Sign in to Magnolia and select "Export Your Bookmarks" from the "Help" menu.
    2. From the Export Bookmarks page, select "this link" (in the sentence near the bottom of the page) and save your bookmarks as an HTML file. (You may need to right click or control click, but on my Mac selecting "this link" brings up Firefox's "Open with.. or Save as..." dialogue box.)
    3. Next, in Firefox, select "Organize Bookmarks" from the "Bookmarks" menu and select the location where you want to house your Magnolia bookmarks (presumably in the "Bookmarks Menu").
    4. Now select the toolbar button with the "star" on it to reveal a drop-down menu with the option to "Import HTML..." Select that option and choose "From an HTML File." Locate your saved Magnolia bookmark file and select open.
    5. Your Magnolia bookmarks should now appear when you select "Bookmarks" from the Firefox menu.
    6. You can further organize your bookmarks by creating new folders and dragging your Magnolia bookmarks into them, sorting your bookmarks alphabetically, etc.
    7. Using this "Import HTML" method, you won't be able to use your Magnolia tags in Firefox. However, typing some letters into the Firefox address bar will bring up all occurrences of those letters in your bookmark titles and URLs, so it's actually faster than using Magnolia tags to find bookmarks.
    8. You'll need to repeat this process occasionally, to gain access to new Magnolia bookmarks that you add after importing your bookmarks into Firefox.
    9. If you need continuously updated ("live") access to your Magnolia bookmarks, test drive the Flock 2.0 Beta browser. Essentially Firefox 3 "under the hood" with a "social networking" shell on it, Flock will let you display and access all your Magnolia bookmarks in a sidebar. It will also let you use your Magnolia tags and will continually check for updates, which means you won't need to re-import your bookmarks.
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