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How to know the direction of an Expandable Banner?


I'm creating an expandable banner ad, the size is 300x250 and expands to 600x250.

In the MediaMind API, is there a way to know in which direction is going to expand?
If is going to expand to the right or to the left?

I'm creating a mask effect for the expansion, you can see an example here :

If the banner is on the left side of the page, I assume that it will expand to the right, and the animation would look good, (because is going to the right as well).

But if this same banner is on the right side of the page, I assume that it wil expand to the left, but the animation would look awkward (because the animation is going to the right)

My question is, is there a way to know to which direction the banner is going to expand? (right or left)

So that way I could create an animation going to the right and another one going to the left. And depending on the banner position on the page, it would animate on the correct direction.

Any help/suggestion is greatly appreciated.
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