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set verses per day
Is there any way to set a certain minimum verses per day? That way there wouldn't be days when I have few (or no!) verses set to memo...
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Memverse in Russian!
I'd like to request another language ( Russian) to be added to memverse. Is it posible? I speak it and many of my friends do too. I'm wi...
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Photo of JohnM
Accuracy Test
How does the Accuracy Test work? By that I mean, how does Memverse decide which verse should be tested and how often it is tested? I d...
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Photo of Milton
Stuck in a loop
Keep looping between a 5 verses or so. Marking them a '5' doesn't do any good, and if I click "skip" (one of them is in the middle of oth...
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Photo of Rachel 4 Him
Adding verses
When we are adding would be nice if when we type in a verse, something like Feedback or similar would pop up and say, "you al...
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