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Photo of KymSattK
Feature Request
1)  I love the way the mnemonic thing works, although sometimes is appears when I would rather it didn't, and then sometimes it doesn't a...
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Photo of Bethany M
Chapter Review
Um, for some reason on my Chapter Review page, Jonah isn't showing up. I have all the verses in the My Verses page, but it's not on the C...
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Photo of AlannaA
pause account
Is there any way to "pause" my account, and put things on hold for a few weeks? I may not have easy access to a computer for a little whi...
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Photo of A.K.
Chapter Review Using Pending Verses
When doing a chapter review, I feel that it should STOP at the last verse that you have unlocked as either learning or memorized. It sho...
  • A.K., 2 months ago
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