Different phone number for each location

I am trying to set up stuff for a company that is a national franchize with one phone number that rings to the different locations. This is causing all types of problems with branding and everything.

It is not just merchant circle that does it, it is about every place to market. Our company name and phone number are the same for branding purposes but this "have to use a different phone number for each listing kills our marketing goals".

I will not name our company here because I am not trying to use this forum for advertising but for an example think about 1-800-flowers or 1-800-pet-meds.

We have franchises nationwide but all calls come in through one number to make things easier for customers and protect our company from the franchises stealing our jobs that we work hard to get.

I understand why companies have policies like this but these types of issues make companies that set things up the way they should be end up being punnished.
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