I’m frustrated

I Need to have the wrong business removed

You guys have wrong businesses listed for my company, there is a total of 4 companies listed. I wish to keep only one, the first and original one that I registered since 2009, I was just beginning to sue Merchant circle and I then I forgot my password, I don't know what happened, but I could never recover it with the recovery link on the merchant circle website.. I have been trying for the last two years with no help from customer support, I literally have been sending emails every month for the last two years for help with this issue. I got one response which told me that my email wasn't in the system anymore, but I get emails from merchant circle all the time to the same email that they claim is not in their system.
So maybe because of this online support which I just found out about, I can get someone to help me and get me back on track with my original registered business.


Those are what I need to be removed, and can someone email me so I can get my login emailed to me for the other profile.

There is the other business with the phone number 347-268-5364 as the listed number, can you please check what email is on there and send me an email to that email address so I can login and get back on track with merchant circle.

Thank You
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