MerchantCircle Listing Removal FAQ

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We thought we would share some important information for those of you trying to have business listings removed from MerchantCircle.

Q: What types of listings are eligible for removal?

A: Merchant listings can be removed for the following reasons:

-The listing contains incorrect or outdated business information
-The business is no longer in operation
-The listing is a duplicate of an existing business listing
-The listing is believed to have been created/claimed fraudulently by someone other than the business owner
-The listing displays private information such as the home phone number or address for an individual
-The owner of the business simply wishes to not have the information listed on our site.

Q: How can I get a listing(s) removed from MerchantCircle?

A: The best way to handle this is to visit our listing removal pages located here:

Once here, you can select the appropriate category for removal. Please note that to submit the information for removal you will need to scroll down to the end of the page to locate the "submit" button. The button is there and works, you just need to make sure to scroll all the way down!

Additionally, since this is an automated system, you will absolutely need to have the URL for the listing to be deleted for the removal to go through. If you do not provide the URL link to the listing(s) to be removed, the submission will not work and the listing will remain on MerchantCircle. Simply indicating your business name or telephone number will NOT work to have the merchant listing taken down.

Q: How long does it take for the listing to be removed once I have submitted the information?

A: About 1-2 business days after you have submitted links for removal the merchant listings should be gone from MerchantCircle.

Q: I submitted the URL to the listing I want removed, but the listing is still showing up in results from my Search Engine, what does this mean?

A: Once the link you have submitted has been processed it will no longer work to bring up the merchant listing, but will instead re-direct to a generic page with information about the city that the business was located in.

However, there is a cache that is maintained of the Internet which will continue to display the merchant listing in search results until the information has been cycled out of the system. This process can take 6-8 weeks to finalize. Please note that the listing will display in the search results, but will not be present once the link is clicked on.

We hope that this provides some useful information for how the listing removal process works. If you have any additional questions regarding the process, you can post them on this thread. Additionally, you can always email our support team at with your questions or concerns.

Thanks for reading!
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