MerchantCircle's Business Listing Policy!

MerchantCircle takes the transparency and integrity of our network very seriously. We have created 5 best practice for business listing pages:

1) What goes on the page should represent the real business. Putting things on there that do not represent the business does not work.

2)The business name should be the real business name, not a web address.

3) The Merchants URL/domain should ONLY be placed on the "Main Website" link from the dashboard. It should only appear once on the listing page.

4) The text in the "About" section should be what a reasonable consumer would expect, informative content relating to the business. This does not include a list of keywords or locations or zip codes. Quick tip: writing a blog about the products you offer and the locations you serve will make your listing pop in search results!

5) Finally, here is a simple rule-of-thumb... Ask yourself, "What do you want your customer to see when they find your page?" It should be customer friendly and easy to read. People are looking for quick answers to their problems, that's why they searching online in the first place!

Some individuals with misguided approaches can hurt the system for the entire network. The bottom-line is that MerchantCircle protects the network from listing pages that could potentially harm transparency with the search engines. Therefore, MerchantCircle will from time-to-time update this listing policy. It's the responsibility of all merchants to stay informed about our Terms of Service & Community Guidelines.