Simple Steps To Exceed Customer Expectations!

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85% of a businesses customer base will jump ship and never return. Here are 5 areas that can help to keep your customers satisfied.

1) Knowledgeable & Available Staff: While a customer is making the buying decision, they want knowledgeable assistance, available when they want it . Customers place a high value on accurate information and want to be served by employees who know the product inside and out.

2) Friendly People: Customers not only want product-savvy sales people, they want them to be friendly and courteous. Your staff should value each customer more than any individual sale.

3) Good Value: Customers see price as only one component of the bigger picture of “value” that includes the service, information and follow-up they also receive.

4) Convenience: The service rule here is simple: make it easy! Customers want merchandise that is well organized, attractively displayed and easy to find. That’s how today’s customers define convenience, and the easier you can make the shopping, the more money you will be lugging to the bank.”

5) A fast finish: While customers are in the process of deciding to buy or not, they are proceeding on your time. They want thoughtful help making the right decisions. But once the buying decision is made, get out of their way because now you are working on their time, and they want to complete the transaction and be on their way as quickly as possible.
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I think it's so important that customer service is able to answer customer calls quick and efficiently. A smile doesn't hurt either! Fence Raleigh | Fence Atlanta
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David, a suggestion for you.
When someone has a complaint, or anything other than a compliment, you would be well served to knock off the "Have a great Tuesday [or whatever].
People with a problem, do not want to hear that. That button "Great answer", or whatever it actually says should also go.
Great answers are recognized with the reader not having to be told it was great. And a not so great answer only makes matters worse.
Aside from code writers, you also need an amateur psychologist [ or a trained psychologist] to teach what irritates more than the underlying problem.
My 2 cents.

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Stop the Have a great......
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Hi George,

Thanks for your 2 cents. I understand that the my positive closings in my messages might not be well received by some, but I truly do hope each and every person I come in contact with is having a great day. I understand that issues arise daily in life, but the attitude with which you approach them is key. The "great answer" button is out of our control, this is a feature that is included by Get Satisfaction, the Saas solution that we are using for this forum.

Hope you are having a great week.

David Gwynn