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I’m frustrated

Status Update Doesn't Work

The Update button on my dashboard is unresponsive when I try to enter a new "What are you doing now" status. It fails in Firefox 12 and Internet Explorer 9.
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  • I’m hopeful
    Yes the past 4 days, I've had the same problem. I've also tried using Pale Moon and it is still unresponsive. The status is the MAIN thing I use MC for!

    Also can no longer delete/archive read mail from my MC inbox as that submit
    button no longer responds - much the same problem.

    I've read another post that their INVITE button is not functioning. Appears to be
    a system wide BUG in Merchant Circle with 3 issues needing resolution.

    If this doesn't improve, will simply cancel my account as there's no point if it doesn't even connect with others.

    I invite ALL to visit our blog which is the main reason we are here to SHARE.
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