What Motivates You To Invite Other Merchants?

As you know we've always strived for delivering great services for merchants to mange their online presence. This year we have made "spreading the word" our top priority - we want to be able to serve more and more merchants such as yourselves. Hence we're pondering - what will further motivate our merchant members to invite their fellow merchants to join? What has worked well in the past as you invited your merchants, and what hasn't? What kind of programs can we build to make inviting others to join our network fun and rewarding?

Maybe a Regional Tournament? Why not make it fun, like a game? Merchants will compete in their respective regions to win the grand prize, by reaching out to your local communities and help your fellow merchants find their presence here at MC. Winners take home a grand prize, and runner-ups will also be rewarded for their great efforts.

Other great or crazy ideas? :)
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