What our "remodeling project" taught us...

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With the new year upon us, lots of folks start thinking about embarking on remodeling projects. Here at MerchantCircle, we spent much of last year remodeling the site, and you could say we learned a few things. We thought we’d share our experiences with all of you out there thinking of taking on a remodeling project, no matter how big or small.

Here’s what we learned...

It’s good to have a plan...but plans change. Looking back, our original plan didn’t take into account the complexity of the task ahead. As we went along, we learned a ton about the site and each other. The biggest lesson: the only way to make real progress is to get out of the “planning” phase and into the “doing” phase.

Everything takes longer than you think. That’s probably true with many things in life, but definitely true with remodel projects. You don’t know what you don’t know, at least until you start tearing things down.

You’re never really “done”. Just when you think you can’t go on a day longer...you will find yourself checking things off your “punch list”. The initial project will get done, but the tweaking, tuning and improving never ends.

What has a big project, remodeling or otherwise, taught you about running a business?
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It IS hard to know when to say when, especially with your own business needs. But I have found that it's okay to "say when" -- good to do this actually and, yes, I have had to force myself to sometimes.

But this enables you to move on to something more pressing -- you can always go back and revisit a remodel, or any other internal project that had previously ended after taking care of other To Do items.

Knowing when to say when is THE hardest part for anyone in the "creative" industry because many times there is no definition for "end" in what we are doing. Since I am a designer I think that maybe it is a survival technique for us creatives to learn to force ourselves to end a task and trample on whether we want to or not - LOL!

I have learned to make lists for everything, even the big tasks. Somehow, writing things out on paper helps me to mentally move ahead steps at a time on projects. Plus, the satisfaction of crossing things off gives me a sense of accomplishment also, even if it is a small one.

I think that when you feel you are moving on and accomplishing things then you start seeing light at the end of the tunnel. And, having a written plan helps you get to the end, unless maybe your written plan/list is a novel!

I have also learned to be sure to look at the big picture of the past to help myself restructure and redefine business goals for the future. Thus it is okay to quit doing something that "you've always done" if it never worked or never worked well. This frees up time and energy for new and improved business activities. I have seen a lot of articles lately regarding this last note too, probably because the economic times have literally forced so many business owners to do this to survive.
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I'm just looking for away to contact someone with your firm in order to get my phone number changed. My current phone # (281)732-4612
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Hi there Carl. Sorry to hear that your information is listed incorrectly, but you can submit a request to have it changed here:


Hope this helps and we look forward to your continued patronage of MerchantCircle!