3D-Interface for Windows Phone 7 Update or some Windows-Phone-Business-Edition

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3D-Interface for Windows Phone 7 Update or some Windows-Phone-Business-Edition (Win.P7 "Professional")

My (Powerpoint - 25 Min.) makes come-back Windows on mobile Devices for the first Choice of Business-Men, 'like A Phoenix':

- There should be some Task-orientated Manager instead of some Home-Screen, which adds: Homescreen/ Status-Bar/ some Aplications-Manager like this:

- Different Explorers of different Programms are put together in one 3D-Level Exporer that shows Icons in animated Wheels and in different Levels:

- This 3D-Concept is also used for putting Settings/ Menus/ different Apps for Connecting all together in one Step-by-Step Synchronisations-Centre, so you can choose A Connection like Fastfood-Menus: "what to share" --> 'Click' / "What else?" --> 'Click' / "with who to share" --> 'Click' / "in which way" --> 'choose' - the Rest like Settings is done by Windows automatically. And this is how it could work:

- In the Apps-Manager (first Picture) you can make and open "Sessions" for A Set of opened Programms and Documents, for A Collection of Web-Links, of Speakers-Settings, of Sharing A whole Device's Program-Settings+ Files, -at once.

- There can be put together what belongs together - for Example some Common Reader for Emails, RSS, Messengers/ common Multimedia-Reccorder for presenting Everything.

- Every Menu, Handling, Browser, Setting, is integrated harmonic Way in the 3D-Interface and for everything, there are Thumbnails and Icons, you navigate easy Step-by-Step, so you have the best Overview what your are clicking at.

- There could be offered Updates instently for common Menus-Options, Interface, so Synergy-Effects can be used in the maximum Way, you get something back for your Error-Reportings and for helping MS and the OS is always the latest one.

- Windows Mobile can offer more System-Integration Tools for professional Working, like Spam-Filters for Emails, Calls and SMS or A Spell-Check (instently updated), intelligent OS-Linking for Words, Dates, Names, Contacting, also for whole Sentences (instently updated) or A Voice-Reader (Add-On/ updated).

- At the last Chapter i describe Hardware-Features of the Future, with Potential and how they can be realized, for Example: some 3D-Screen, self-loading Batterys by kinetic Power, Active-Stereo-Antenna for indirect Recieving, producing Puls-Frequences, self-improving Internet, ...

For more, please read my Concept at:

I would like to read your Feedback at one of the two User-Forums here:


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