Trying to save my Gamertag from the hands of death!!!

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Ok, so a long long time ago, I created a gamer tag and life was good. I used my email address to create a Windows Live ID which was required in order to get on Xbox Live. A few years later I moved to a galaxy far far away. The old email address was through Cox communications, and since I no longer paid them for internet, they shut off my email address. Ugh.

A few more years go by and suddenly my Xbox wants to verify with me in the form of security proofs, that I am still using the old email address. Umm, no but thanks for asking. Well, I just had to go and find out what the hubub was all about. After researching for 42 fort nights, I discover that Windows Live accounts that remain dormant are eventually deleted, and that the associated gamer tags are lost. FOREVER!!!

Ok, panic sets in. My mouth turns into sand. My hands start to shake. Sweat breaks my brow. Could it be true? My lifetime of endeavors, late night speed runs and replays to drive my achievements and gamer score into the stratosphere (27K, ok, so I'm not a pro or an achievement hog but still have pride) have all been in vain?!??

I first tried to change my windows live ID to a new one based on my current email address. I diligently set out actually quite calm at this stage thinking it would take a few minutes to set up a new account and then transfer my credentials to a current account. No big deal, right? Hahahaha.

That was about 4 years ago. I have accumulated hours upon hours in never ending cycles of effort only to walk away each and every time defeated with my tail between my legs. I have called (when there was such a thing as support) and it always ended the same. Me feeling like I was in an episode of the twilight zone. I am skipping the details here to spare you happy readers of my struggle. Actually, the truth is that the details would read more like the encyclopedia. Long, boring, lots of references. Ok, here is tonight's episode. But be forewarned, read at your own risk!

The good news is my account is still active. I haven't taken the plunge yet. Tonight I am hopeful again because I was able to crack my old password, starting the process of transferring out my gamer tag to the new windows ID. And again, I am reminded of how incredibly complicated simple things need to be. I had to create a 3rd Live ID and a 3rd email address for the purpose of removing a useless gamer tag I was goaded into creating at one point during my desperate search for the truth. The new accounts are needed to transfer the unused gamer tag to the new ID, so that I may transfer my used gamer tag to my used email address. Since I am only allowed one account change per 30 days, this should not take longer than 60 days. In the mean time, just hope they don't pull the plug on me. I have too much invested now to lose this battle!
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