Where are the sharing folders in the latest beta?

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Dear Microsoft,

always been a huge fan of Microsoft's messenger applications. The main thing, why I loved Windows Live Messenger was because of the possibility to "share files thru a folder". Slowly but surely ;-) it was sharing my files in the background. (OK, didn’t work often.. but when it worked.. it simply worked lol)

"Sharing Folders", was the feature why all my friends switched to WLM. Now, the latest beta (which looks absolutely amazing!!!) doesn't have this feature anymore.

You've replaced it with some "web-sharing". Nothing against this web sharing feature, but isn't there a way that you integrate the good old Sharing Folders in the next stable of WLM? I bet many, many other people would love to have this feature back.

BTW, the new sharing feature doesn't work anyway. When I click on the menu it tries to open "http://skydrive.live-int.com/home.asp.... After 2 minutes of trying to access the page it stops. When I manually open 'skydrive.live.com' it works.

Sorry, but that way it’s pretty useless... when I want to share a file, I have to open my web browser, open skydrive.live.com, log in, etc.

PLEASE, bring back good old sharing folders.
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  • sad that you remove the feature

Posted 11 years ago

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I can't comment directly as I'm not on the Live team. However I do know they did quite a bit of user research throughout the product cycle including when the first added the feature and obviously again for this release. Coupled with real usage data being available, I'm sure it all played a part.

Despite Sharing Folders being removed, in the long run it's probably for the best. Many people in fact didn't use them and found it to be buggy compared to just sending the file directly. Also in the new version there is now picture sharing which you may or may not enjoy. In some ways it's a slightly modified version of Sharing Folders :).

At any rate, when you click the menu right now for sharing it's actually taking you to and internal URL for Skydrive. If you remove the -int it'll be the publically accessible URL. I'm pretty sure the integration with Skydrive will get a lot better and in many ways using it for file sharing is much more powerful. It'll also integrate well with Live Mesh. With Skydrive you've got 5GB of space in the cloud and can control access to all the files via your Messenger contacts. Because the files are on MS servers they'll also download faster to the people you're sharing with.

To try it out go directly to http://skydrive.live.com :)

Hope that helps some, I know it won't bring back the Sharing Folders but Skydrive is pretty sweet.
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But with us who likes to share music and photo with the others, sharing folder will be better. Although we are having an online sharing folder, but we are still love to use the old sharing folder, this is because the old sharing folder is simple. Way too simple than online sharing folder.

And I have try the online sharing folder, it has its limit. We can only upload 5 files once, we can only upload file no larger than 50mb, and we only have 5gb space.

I still hope that Live team members can change their mind and bring back sharing folder. For me, and a lot of my friends, this is the best way to share file through each others.
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I also prefer the older shering folder...well it's most because I can't use the online. when i tried to open an online shering folder it told me the service is not available in my region :S and if I remember right the old ones worked in every region...
so if you're moving to a new service I recommend you make it work as good as the old one or better but not worse!
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The old Sharing Folder is very user-friendly and intuitive. It is in the vein of Windows users to use an Windows Explorer/File Manager type of interface. I am seeing Microsoft making mistakes after mistakes and this is a typical one to cut the Sharing Folder.

Seriously, I doubt those guys who made the decision even use Sharing Folder and Skydrive. If they did, they ought to know that SkyDrive is a very trying interface. It even has a bounce ball for you to play while you wait...get the picture?
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I think that the online version is too much trouble to go through with, and I feel that I want the sharing folders features to be put make into the messenger. It was very useful! When I used it no problems had come up for me, and I do not like loading one file or five files at a time on the online version because its wastes time. I found the sharing folders on the old messenger very fast and I do not need to bother with a lot of effort.