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Full vCard 3.0 support by Tag Reader and Generator

Currently Microsoft Tag reader supports inly one handling option for vCard tags - add to Contacts.

Most QR-code readers support many more options. Here's what a full vCard tag reader should support to be a leader in this area:

  1. Add to Contacts (with ability to track duplicates and custom-merge information with existing contact)

  2. Call (with ability to choose which of the numbers to call)

  3. Map (with ability to choose

  4. Open website

As a separate note if would be great if Tag generator could support full vCard 3.0 specification with all properties and extensions.

At the current level vCards tags are just fun toys, not real business tools. However they have great potential and I would appreciate if Microsoft Tag could comment if any of these features are in the pipeline and if not - how feasible it would be to implement them.
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