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Function missing in the API


I tested the API and found some functions are missing or could be very helpfull:

1. DeleteCategory(categoryName)
We can create tags, update tags and delete tags, and we can create categories, update categories, ... but can't delete categories!
This function would be very helpfull, at least for testing...

2. GetTag(tagID) / GetTag(tagName)
We can update tags, but because we need an instance of the tag, it only can be made after have been created and while we still have it in memory.
I tryied to instanciate another tag of the same type, with the same name, but althought the function UpdateTag returns True, the endDate (that I was trying to change) remains the same.
It'll be nice to be able to get the tag information by name or ID.
[Why UpdateTag has a tag object as parameter when UpdateCategory has the category name?]

3. GetCategory(categoryName)
The same reasons for the GetTag.

4. GetCategories()
Nice to have the list of categories we have.

5. GetTags(categoryName)
Nice to have the list of the tags we have for a category.

The API should be able to manage the categories and tags created.
The way is now, forces me to have a database to save the categories and tags I've create to be able to change them or delete them.

Pedro Gonçalves
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