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SVG export option for Tags

I've written a wpf/c# application for rendering Microsoft Tag (.tag) files. It can be found here:

I wrote this application primary to be able to render tags as SVG files. Something I very much wish was supported natively on the website. Getting tags ready for high quality print is otherwise quite a painful process. I would very much like if Microsoft would consider including this in the main website rendering options.

My application is free and open sourced under MIT licence. It supports rendering in various bitmaps formats and performs proper anti-aliasing (the current website rendering performs no anti-aliasing). As it is under MIT licence Microsoft could feel free to implement or use the code in their own website, though I would not really recommend that as the code is messy, but it seems to work reliably. I hope others find this tool useful as I have.

Lastly I have been very much enjoying playing with tags. It's a fun little format and I hope it can gain more mainstream traction in the future.

All the best guys,

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