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Finding Buttermilk Blend in Hawaii

I happened to run across your posting, and just happen to be the public relations director for Saco Foods who makes the Buttermilk Blend. Our Buttermilk Blend is sold through Amazon.com, who will ship to Hawaii from what I understand, plus sometimes people can find this in the dry milk section of Safeway stores, as a few of them on the Islands get from their warehouse in California. Hope that helps! Amy Verheyden, Saco Foods
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    Jareau (Official Rep) July 10, 2009 16:05
    Thanks for the info, Amy. Currently, Milo.com isn't featuring many grocery/food products, but we may in the future. In your case, it might be a of great value for someone on the Islands to be able to buy the Buttermilk Blend directly for a Safeway rather than having it shipped from the mainland.

    In the near future, we will continue focusing on bigger, less perishable goods, but check back with Milo.com in the future.

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