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wrong prices

The price for MAPEI 25 lb. Black Powder Grout is $13.28 on your site, yet the price at Lowes after clicking your link is $28.95. That is quite a discrepapncy, I have found other grout products on your site to be priced incorrectly a lot. Why are there so many incorrect prices?
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    Hey Jeremy,

    Sorry for the delay and thanks for brining up this issue. I looked into the price discrepancy and it turns out that the price of this product has a different price in different areas of the US, which is reflected in the price we display on Milo.com. See the images below. Notice that the price in Sunnyvale, CA is different than the price in Fredrick, MD. I assume the location you had set on Milo.com was different that the location you had set on Lowes.com, which is why you were noticing he discrepancy.

    I hope this takes care of your concern.

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