please tell me how do I get tokens? I am tired of looking and guessing all the other questions and answers please answer my question HOW DO I GET TOKENS
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  • One way to claim tokens is to "Claim Daily Bonus."

    On the Facebook game page, there will be a gold button that you can click to get tokens. You only get it for a certain period of time, hence "daily."

    Also, by your token amount, click on "Learn More" and it will show you options to get more tokens, by purchasing more or playing games.

    All the Best,

    Mindjolt Support, Los Angeles, CA
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  • Marc Siegel (Community Manager) October 11, 2011 21:18
    As Mike mentioned, you can click the "Get Tokens" button to obtain tokens for Facebook Credits. The button for this is in the upper right and is now red.

    You can purchase Facebook Credits for cash, but it is also possible to earn Credits by participating in various offers. To explore that path, follow the following convoluted steps.

    In the upper right, click on the down arrow to reveal the "Account Settings" option and chose it. This will shows you options on the left hand side. Click the "Payments" link.

    The top line of the Payments Settings screen is "Credits Balance". To the right is the "Buy More" link (yellow oval below); click it.

    The resulting "Buy Faecbook Credits" screen has "More Payment Options" (yellow oval below). Choose it.

    This reveals an "Earn credits button. Check iy then press "continue".

    You'll then see a screen full of options for obtaining Credits without directly paying for them.

    Hopefully all this makes sense. Please don't hesitate to follow-up if something remains unclear.

    Yours, Marc
    Game Gator Community / Support
    San Francisco, California
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