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I’m unsure

I've entered site wide content, but it isn't showing up.

I also have content entered into that area on a specific page. But I thought it would show both. How does it work?
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    I’m hoping that this reply helps.
    Aaron Brander (VP of Technology) April 20, 2009 19:18
    Site wide content and page specific content do not show up at the same time.

    If you create site wide content for the "Right" editable region, it will show up on every page that does not have any page parts in the "Right" editable region. If, on your About Us page, you add an event page part to the "Right" editable region, the site wide content will not show up in the "Right" editable region on the About Us page.

    In other words, if there is something page specific, we'll show that. If there is nothing page specific, we'll see if there is anything site specific and show that instead. If there is nothing page specific or site specific, we'll show nothing.

    Does that help?
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