I’m frustrated

How to get my mixes Featured.... Im consistent! -DJ EarlWill

Hey guys,

I dont mean to be annoying, but I am just curious as to how I am supposed to crack the special club that gets featured on the home page (with all due respect). My mixes have grown in popularity on other sites while listens on mixcrate have been mediocre even tho I have some good stuff on my profile.

Its to the point where i am edging 20 mixes on here and i strung together a couple mixes that got 300 - 400 mixes each but no further recognition.

heres an example of a house mix that I put up yesterday.


a top 40 party heavy i put up earlier today

and a hip hop mix i did about a week and a half ago

take a quick listen to which ever if you may

Thanks Guys. I appreciate the time
DJ EarlWill
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