Non-Members should be able to download mix's!

When a non-member listens to a mix, they should have the ability to immediately download it, no questions asked. OR, at least, we, the member, should be able to send them a url/link where they can download it.
I strongly disagree with the "Must be a member to download mix" policy. Friends are asking me to use free ftp sites to send them the mix's because they don't wish to become a member for a website that they will rarely visit. This wastes my time and theirs. As far as I can tell, this is a website for DJ's; DJ's who want to share their music. Just like SoundCloud is for musicians, songwriters, and producers. But DJ's generally don't want to share their music with other DJ's. They want to share their music with the audience. So why would anyone who is not a DJ want to sign up for membership?? (I mean the general layout of a member page is designed for a DJ, is it not?!!) I think its a turn-off for your business. Im trying to say that by limiting downloads to members only, you are limiting the 'like' value of your website and the potention usability. I personally am already unsure of my continued use of this site based on the fact that my friends and fans can't immediately download my mixes. That was the primary reason I signed up in the first place. I guess shame on me for not reading the fine print. I hope you will take my thoughts into consideration. Thanks for listening.
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  • Thanks for the suggestion. We don't have plans for enabling downloads for everyone.

    The goal of our site is to help DJs promote their talent on our site. The majority of our users are listeners. Listeners come to our site to listen to DJ mixes or research DJs for potential gigs. Our site is focused on specific content - DJ mixes.

    The ratio mirrors the DJs and listener population in the world. DJs use Mixcrate to help promote themselves regardless of our download option. One of the primary reasons DJs use Mixcrate is to garner more fans outside their own (same) networks.

    It'll be interesting to note that we have more requests from DJs to disable downloads then to enable downloads.

    We are in the early stages of revamping the entire site, so stay tuned.
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