I’m frustrated

Please stop members uploading entire CDs, one track at a time!

For most of us DJs, our mixes will never be featured. So the only real publicity we get from the site is after uploading and people clicking on "recently added" - they get to see us on the first page of the "recently added" section. Problem is, someone else comes along uploads 18 tracks of their mixtape one by one and this pushes us onto page 2,3,4 etc. We mostly get about 2 hours on the first page before being pushed to page 2 etc. After we get onto page 5+ - people discover us only through searches. That does not mean they won't click through all the "recently added" pages - but obviously there is a limit as to how far they will want to keep going. So really it isn't fair that someone uploads individual tracks and pushes us all out onto the latter pages. I saw someone do this just yesterday and then I noticed that the tracks were removed, hoping this was staff doing the right thing only to notice this guy started posting again 30 minutes later the entire mixtape individually again! This isn't really fair to us DJ's who do take the time and effort to create a mix. If someone does this, their upload privileges should be temporarily suspended and they should be notified of this.

Just trying to make the playing field fair to all DJ's.
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