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Since the product is dead (prove me wrong - go on) why don't you open-source what you've got?
Drop it into git, let us run with it. You've got nothing to lose except more ill-will
What do you say? Doooo itttt
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  • I don't understand what you mean here. However something has to be done with these people who have sold us a product, that is suppose to be maintain in working working order and when confronted with its problems we are ignored. There have been no regular updates to deal with it issues, if not but one updating to 7,1 version which took away it video portion and then had to an extra fee to get after paying $450 to originally purchase the software.
    • What I'm saying is we acknowledge that the company has given up on the product. We could argue that having the product readily available to purchase today without any intention of supporting it, must be in breach of fair trade laws where ever you happen to be reading this. But that's a post for another topic.
      What I am saying is: Fine, it's a dead product to you (Mixmeister). Please release the software code under Open Source. Put it on Git and let the customer base run with the product from here. We'll fix and improve it ourselves.
      I hope that clears up my post.
    • I agree and I hope that the Mixmiester or Inbrandmusic staff will give these services to open source, as frankly there is needed much improvement to the software, beside the unexpected problems that one goes through and no solutions are provided by Mixmiester product support staff. I love using Mixmiester, but I am aware of its problems and right now I can not even fix a recent problem or don't know why when I export a worked mixed and play it back I find that there are tracks within timeline that do not play back or are missing within the playback timeline. This is never happened before and those individual tracks do play out in other music media. There is no explanation for this except that the Mixmiester program software is corrupt and no matter how many times I uninstalled and reinstall it I get the same problem.
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