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I’m stressed, anxious, angry

4 days since I paid for Express & I've still bnot received my Activation Code.

I tried out the trial version of Express, decided it was suitable for my needs, so I bought it 4 days ago. My trial has now expired and I still haven't received any emails giving me an Activation code (or license code, registration code, or whatever). Does it usually take this long ? I've started a mix on the trial, which I' hoping to finish for a party which is only two weeks away, so I'm very stressed.

When I go into the 'Support' on the website, it says it can't find this page! When I go into 'Support' on the iLok (license) website, it says I need to contact the software publisher, then gives a list of all the publishers...and Mixmeister isn't on the list! Can anybody please, PLEASE tell me if they know how I can get in touch with Mixmeister to get my activation code - or if there's any other was I can fix this ??
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