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A problem & a suggestion...

I work in the mixmaster studio, and I have a problem : I want 2 filter out of the "library" the trax I have already used in my mix, that is, the trax in the playlist to the right of it. Coz I dont wanna repeat myself, especially when the mix is very long so that I might forget that I already put that tune on. But I dont see such an option in the settings... (anyway, if I ever decide 2 try another track at this position, the tune I refused should appear in the library again..)
For my next suggestion, It's not a good idea 2 move the start position of the tune that would be next, in the way 2 find the best position 4 mixing. Rather, it's better 2 select 2 points, being one where the 1st tune "recedes" and another where the 2nd tune "goes full-blown", in the way 4 the mix not 2 lose the energy. Then u just match those 2 points, or u may set them a few measures apart (as many as u want), that would be a "respite" for the listener (or dancer).
This goes from my live dj experience. I know some kinda "this track will calm down for one last minute, so I'd press play on the other deck at -1:00 or so.." or "the tune ends up abruptly just like radio mix, so I should properly set up a cue on the next tune, otherwise the crowd would listen 2 mere bass drum & hats 4 a minute or so...
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