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I’m disgusted!

And the tumbleweed rolls on

Another month goes by and still no news......Just fess up and say all your money and attention is elsewhere and let the code either return to the place you bought it from *or* release it as open source (doubtful as I'm sure you're too worried about this creating competition).
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  • I just looked up the date when I purchased my mix Meister control with
    software. August/29/2009 and I have been expecting a software update since lol haha
    I first started going to the original webpage that had lots of information and helpful
    long-term users,Now to this bare bones website. So now were going on three years
    with no updates or new software versions. It is now going on six months since
    our community manager sbangs announced what the problem was with economy
    resources, staffing and they are working on our promise long hoped
    update. The only thing that keeps me Hanging onto their pants leg like a Rabid dog
    is the uniqueness of the software and I'm still able to use mine without
    major crashes "ON A PC"!!!. From all the previous posts Mac users have useless
    software also PC users with video. I don't see them giving up the code
    because it's now being used "I suspect" in some aspect with their iDJ App software. The only
    positive is Numark website still shows mixMeister software on their page,
    and it's still being sold.
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