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I’m frustrated

Are we ever going to see MP4 or AAC as well as 1080p video support?

Really? with the price of a 55" TV now $350. Our club bought 8 of them. Now all my music videos look terrible in quality. All the music videos that come out on youtube and vevo are in 1080p. They look great. It won't be to long and Google will figure out Music is math and they invent a way to have you make a playlist and mix it like a DJ would. I hope NUMARK can get the jump on that with Fusion or even the next version. I've spent years converting videos to work in MMF7V and to get the best results was to make mpg1 vcd versions. I was using composite in and everything was acceptable. Now HDMI and Component makes them look terrible. I find myself making the audio mixes on mixmeister then use a video editor to take the 1080p video and match it up to the audio. That is very time consuming and ruff. I can't predict what people are going to ask for and if I put one song in one set I can't use it in another and if I do I can only play one set or the other.
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