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I’m confused

asus xonar volume not working

I have a asus Xonar Essence STX.
Itunes works with this card.

Mixmeister not. The Xonar audio center does not act when Mixmeister is running.
The volume is far too high and the only solution is turn down the master volume within Mixmeister with -20 to -15dB. That should give you an ideay how loud mixmeister platys at slightly under 0dB by default.

Funny the Itunes does work with the Xonar audio center by default.
I tries all Xonar ports with Mixmeister , none was able to adjust the main volume with the Xonar audio center.

OS: windows7 64 bit
Updates OS till latest automatic update.
Mixmeister version: Mixmeister studio v7.4.4.0
If I click on check for updates within mixmeister : no updates found.
Xonar : latest 64bit drivers.

So, should I point this preoblem towards Mixmeister or Asus?
I would say asus but Itunes works, Adobe Audition also.
Conclusion: it's not asus fault.
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