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I’m frustrated

BCR2000 Setup with Mixmeister Fusion Issue - NOT WORKING

Can someone please provide better instructions on how to setup the BCR2000 unit with Mixmeister? I have followed the help files which lack a lot of detail and conclude they do not provide all the necessary information for setup.

I can select the BCR unit from the drop down "Hardware Control" and "Control Template" list in the Midi tab from the Options menu, this proves that MM can see the hardware connected, but when I click the customize tab and select a function from the pre-defined list to learn, nothing happens.

The same issue applies with setting up any controls for the sound effects (which is what I want to use the BCR200 for)

I followed the folling instructions:

1 Choose MixMeister Fusion > Preferences, and then click Midi.


2 From the Hardware Control drop-down list, select your device. If you're not sure, select USB Audio Device.


3 From the Control Template, select your console.


4 Click Customize.
The MIDI configuration list appears.


5 Click the effects knob you want your device to learn.
A message appears confirming that the effect has been selected.

**Eh?!!! what effects knob??? there is no effects knob**

6 Move the knob on your MIDI device.
MixMeister Fusion will notify you when the device has "learned" the effect.

**It doesnt do anything!**


PS. This BCR2000 unit is straight out the box from new, does something need setting up on it first before it properly registers with Mixmeister?
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