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Beatmixing upload area...moved or dead?

Its been a few years since I was on the web site...sad its gone. there used to be a section where DJ's could upload their mixes for the rest of the community to listen to. Has that facility been moved somewhere else or is it all dead?

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  • Hi Martyn,

    The site now runs as, or MOB for short. :-) I believe the option to host mixes went away with MixMeister radio.

    Have you checked out MixCloud, House-Mixes, or SoundCloud? There are other options as well, but these came to mind right away. A special thread exists on SoundCloud where one can legally post a mix, due to the general prohibition against posting anything but an original track, though I haven't seen many observe the letter of the law.

    Here's an article that will provide additional information.

    Mix Hosting Options
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