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BPM Analyzer- Where are the instructions/help files?/ID3 Update Issues

Does anyone know where to get instructions on how BPM Analyzer is _supposed_ to work? (Win 10)
I first added all of my Music folder to BPM Analyzer. It took a few minutes, but it displayed BPMs for a vast majority of my songs. (About 99% of them are MP3.) But when I looked in iTunes (even under Get Info) and Windows Explorer, the BPM fields were blank.
Then I added one artist folder to the program. It quickly displayed BPM for all songs. The songs' BPM fields were updated in Windows Explorer, but don't display in iTunes unless I click on each song and select "Get Info". Scanning one folder at a time to get BPMs will suck, but even then, how do I get iTunes to display the new information without clicking on each song? Is there a "refresh" option in iTunes?
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