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BPM Management

In addition to the bpm in id3 field idea (to make it quicker and scanning faster)

Make The Check External in the bpm program as well. and create a mock mxm files with MM.exe for changes if they happen.

ID3 could be incorrect or filled with values like

MM handles the tracks themselves through a database
Using that database there could be a value check field

say you have
track1.mp3 (title=Hells Bells Artist=acdc bpm=2000 comment=ac-dc )
track2.mp3 (title=Hells Bells remix Artist=acdc bpm=dumbguess comment=beatport )

Now You can set a check for Comment area (not actual script just an idea easier for the programmers to understand)

for each (track as $track)
*set values for each id3 field needed here
if ($Id3Comment "MMbpmChk"){
scan bpm($track);
write2id3comment($valueOfComment . ";MMbpmChk");

they would now be
track1.mp3 (title=Hells Bells Artist=acdc bpm=107.3 comment=ac-dc;MMbpmChk )
track2.mp3 (title=Hells Bells remix Artist=acdc bpm=130 comment=beatport;MMbpmChk )
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