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Change computor and download again

I am going to change computor, can I just delete the MixMeister program on my old computor and install it on the new one? My colleague have the other license so I am afraid that it will say that all license are already used? How do I fix that?
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  • I hope that you don't mean, You colleague uses the same licence?

    As long as Your licence is ok, You can move to another computer.
    Remove Mixmeister and Pace Ilok (only if there is no other software that uses pace Ilok)

    Take Your new computer, install pace Ilok latest version for x32 or x64
    Then reboot, install mixmeister again, again reboot.

    Start mixmeister, if it fails, start the Ilok manager and look if Mixmeister is visible there. If not, log into Pace ilok manager and once that is done, close Ilok manager and start Mixmeister.

    As long as Your licence is indeed a stand alone license ok.
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