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Clarification on New PACE/iLok Licensing System

I'm looking at upgrading from MixMeister Fusion 7.4.4 to v7.7. I have noticed the new licensing system [PACE/iLok] and have reviewed the manuals and notes from MixMeister on their support site.

I have a few queries that I would appreciate clarified, if anyone is able to, before I proceed with the update:

1) MixMeister Support states "up to a maximum of (2) total activations." Am I correct in interpreting this means I can install a license on a Desktop and a Laptop?

2) Can the license be transferred between computers [not users]? I note that iLok has this capability, but only at the discretion of the Developer. If so, is this limited by the first query. This would be a severe limitation [particularly in the event as outlined in the next query]

3) In the event of a catastrophic computer failure, can licenses be recovered upon re-installation of OS and MMF?

Thanks in advance to those in know who can assist in answering the above! :)
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